In 2016, I was getting frustrated with the number of photographers that would get upset because they had a plus size person coming in for a session and they didn't know what to do. As someone that exists in a fat body, I wanted photographers to understand that bodies are just bodies and light is light and shadows are shadows - but we need to work through our own body image insecurities to actually show up properly for our clients. This is when I released my first educational content:

The Confident Curves posing guide

Designed to showcase plus size bodies in the same poses as smaller bodies and help people feel more confident - this was one of the first posing guides that spoke to the fears photographers have about photographing plus size bodies. At the time it was considered revolutionary.

Since then, I have created a whole suite of products and guides that help folks combat their inner biases and beliefs around bodies and give them the words and phrasing needed to work through these delicate scenarios with clients - because let's face it - no one is immune to body image insecurity.

This bundle features all of the Confident Curves posing videos + pdfs, my Body Image & The Boudoir course which is to help photographers work through their own body image, the scripts, questionnaires, and pdfs I send my own clients to help them prep and feel confident coming into the studio, and a whole bunch of inspiration to give the tools necessary so you can not only SAY you are body inclusive, but you can actually BE body inclusive.